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So I took the plunge and opened up to a friend today. I just came out and told her the truth about my ED. It was hard and embarrassing, but I did it. Now she knows. She told me she was glad I was coming to terms with it and getting help. I feel somewhat better knowing that someone else knows now. I told her I felt like I’ve been lying to everyone. Honesty is important to me. She told me she didn’t feel like I had been lying to her. I’m glad about that.

I’m not sure everyone feels that way, though. I mean, I haven’t talked to a lot of people about this yet. I mean all people have to do is read this and HELLO! But I feel like personal conversations are going to have to happen with some people. Maybe not…Am I making too much of this? I think maybe I think this is a bigger deal than it is??

Anyway, honesty…IS a big deal and I feel like I took a big step today. It’s a good day! Day 3 of no binge eating!!  Yay!!

Take care y’all! xx



I am a self proclaimed foodie who loves to serve others. Somewhere along the road of life, I became a junk food junky. Join me here as I navigate a my way back to a healthy relationship with food. I can't promise perfection, but I can promise it's gonna be one wild ride! I'm a separated mom of three...I live in Michigan. I have a beautiful daughter who's 21 and two littles in heaven (a 10-year-old little boy who died in an auto accident in '04 and a sweet baby we never got to meet).


  1. Holly says

    I do want to say something… way to go, Ms, Brave and Courageous! You are an amazing woman, and I adore you!!!


    • Aaawwww. Thanks so much, Holly. So much of my journey is going to be about just putting myself out there and being open and honest about my feelings and who I am and how I’ve gotten where I am. Thank you for the support and encouragement! It means so much. And I adore you, too!


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