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Another bad day…

Had another bad day yesterday. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It’s not like I don’t know what I’m doing when I shovel things (marshmallows) into my face with reckless abandon. It’s like I’m outside my body watching, though…helpless to do anything about it.

I wish I could just go back and erase it. Obviously I can’t. What’s done is done. There is no magic rewind button on life, peeps. No matter how much we would all love there to be.

Hubby brought home pizza last night for dinner. I asked him to because I didn’t feel like cooking. It was good. I can’t blame it on that, though. I had already been spinning out of control before the pizza…

I am doing good so far today. I’ve only had water and it’s almost noon. That will either be really good or really bad. It can set me up for a really good afternoon, where I will do good and only eat when I get hungry or set me up for an afternoon of eating EVERYTHING.I.CAN.GET.MY.HANDS.ON.

Let’s hope and pray for the first, shall we. Let’s hope I don’t have another bad day…

NO. Let’s decide on the first OK?!?! I got this. I am not going to feast on everything. I will only eat at meal times and will only eat enough to fill my stomach and no more! 🙂


Wish me luck… xx


I am a self proclaimed foodie who loves to serve others. Somewhere along the road of life, I became a junk food junky. Join me here as I navigate a my way back to a healthy relationship with food. I can't promise perfection, but I can promise it's gonna be one wild ride! I'm a separated mom of three...I live in Michigan. I have a beautiful daughter who's 21 and two littles in heaven (a 10-year-old little boy who died in an auto accident in '04 and a sweet baby we never got to meet).


    • Thank you, Charlie. We are always our own worst critics, aren’t we? I will work on giving myself some grace! xo


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