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Ok, so I know I’ve been MIA for a few weeks and I apologize. One of the reasons is because we have had back to back camps in and I just haven’t had the time to sit down and blog for any length of time. Another is the fact that I have been bingeing and I didn’t want to tell you. There I said it. It’s out and now I can move on. It’s really hard for me when we have camps in because when I cook up at camp (I live where I work, so camp is like 1/4 mile up the driveway), I eat at camp. I know that’s just an excuse, but it really does matter. I am not about to cook a meal for 125 people and then cook another one for myself! NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN. So I eat what I cook. It’s not that what I cook is horrible. For instance one night a week is usually spaghetti night. With garlic toast and salad. Sometimes I do another vegetable, sometimes I don’t. And for dinner meals, there is always a dessert. We usually make brownies with spaghetti. Do you see the issue with this meal? CARBS. They get me every time. I just need to learn that when I have to eat this meal, I MUST learn portion control and limit myself to one (or none) brownie. I might have to go with none. I think the one that gets my whistle wet, so to speak is what gets me in trouble. Once I get the taste for them, I’m in trouble! So maybe none of the trigger items is better than limiting them to one… I’ll figure this out yet. Charging on… xx


  1. Yes, once I start to get the taste of sweets then I always want them. Have you ever tried making a food diary and documenting how hungry you felt and your emotions before you started eating to see what your triggers are…?


    • I’ve done food journals before, with the hunger part buy not the how I felt part. I know what my triggers are. Anger, sadness, happiness…. Pretty much any emotion. Which is fabulous. Also, as I said once I get started, it’s hard to stop sometimes.


      • That makes it tricky when it is all emotions. I don’t think I could keep any treats in the house as it is too easy to fall prey to our desires… as I say this after I just polished off 4 Japanese packages of rice cracker treats… LOL Your family member will understand. I have loads of fruits and fresh veggies in my house but it is really difficult to overdo it on fresh vegetables and fruits, its self limiting because of the high fibre response… keep trying new things until you find resolution. We have to find you a a way to separate the emotional response from the food. As soon as you can do that, I am sure, you will be sorted. As always sending big hugs your way…

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      • Than you, Bobbi! Yes, I will get it all sorted eventually. These things Just take time and I’ve only just recently realized that this is indeed the issue I have. So, I am giving myself grace and trying to be patient with myself…

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